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Indie filmmakers, actors and screenwriters that are passionate about creating socially conscious content, learn, get inspired and get motivated to create projects with a purpose! Through interviews and solo lessons from industry experts you will learn how to create, produce, market and distribute your socially conscious projects. The Indie Film Tribe podcast will also shine a light on creators of color, women and other under represented artist's. Building an online tribe of artists that support and inspire one another by sharing our stories, educating ourselves and helping each other get our socially conscious projects out into the world.
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May 10, 2017

This man is the incredible Host of Hilliard Guess' Screenwriter's Rant Room Podcast, he serves as the Vice-Chair on both the Black and LGBT Committee and is a member of the Education, Latino and Genre Committeeas the WGA.He is also an award winning working screenwriter in Hollywood.

This screenwriter is a fun, ex-80s MOD/Punk with a knack for writing underdog/redemption stories in the bio, horror, gritty, or murder-death-kill world. His knowledge of the craft and instinct for unique, flawed characters have won him attention or awards at Sundance, Nicholls Fellowship, Scriptapalooza, Screenplay Festival, The PAGE Awards and AOF, to list a few. 

He currently works as an in demand “assignment writer” in both TV & Film and is in the new book on iTunes, “THE TOP 100 INDIE WRITERS IN THE WORLD.”

Through his company Hilldog Productions, he produces TV Pilots, Film POC’s, Shorts, Web Series and Documentaries. His office is located on The LOT Studios in the heart of West Hollywood. 

Ladies and Gentlemen the amazing Hilliard Guess!


Follow Hilliard at:





May 3, 2017

Her screenplays have won awards at seven different film festivals as well as received the Women of Film Award at the AOF Film Festival.

She placed in the second round at the Austin Film Festival three years in a row with three unique genre screenplays, as well as created the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival’s International Screenplay Competition and the Writers Room
Invitational for the AOF Film Festival.

Twice a year she teaches the Introduction to Screenwriting Workshop for Raindance Vancouver. This talented and super smart screenwriter is also an award winning director and producer. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Michelle Muldoon!


To learn more about Michelle, please visit:




Apr 26, 2017

Lee Jessup is a two time author and Master Screenwriting Career Coach for Emerging and Professional Screenwriters.

Author of Getting It Write: An Insider’s Guide To A Screenwriting Career and Breaking In: Tales From The Screenwriting Trenches.

In this episode Lee shares tips on what it takes to become a professional screenwriter. She is extremly knowledgable and her passion and wisdom are palpable. If you are a screenwriter trying to "break in" you do not want to miss this episode!


Check out her latest book here:

or visit her website:

Apr 19, 2017

It’s funny because I did not originally intend to do an update episode, but seeing that some of my guests continue to kill it, I just had to share their success and progress. Not only to support them but also to hopefully inspire you!

Please check out the following new links from some of our guests:

1.Ya'Ke's new series, check out the trailer and please support the the Facebook Page!

2. Don Wallace's Film BLUE is now available on Amazon, check it out here:

3. DaJuan's Season Three Premiere of BOSCH is Available April 21st on Amazon, check it out here:

4. Brianna Brown booked a role on the DYNASTY pilot, here is the announcement:

5. Goapele has completed her most recent record and is now on tour, for tour dates click here:

6. Angela


Apr 12, 2017

This is Part #2 of Episode #4. Here Linda talks more about her current projects and why she made the shift to producing projects that have social impact and meaning.

In this episode she also shares some great tips for writers, tips on marketing and dives deeper into the importance and the passion she has for her latest projects.


For more info about Linda, please visit:




Apr 5, 2017

Filmmaker, author, actor and podcaster Scott McMahon has spent the past 20 years working professionally in the areas of interactive gaming, film, TV, video production, and web media creation.

For nearly 12 years he supervised the Cinematic Department for Sony PlayStation and was fortunate enough to get a chance to play in that huge sandbox, working with some of the world's best animators, technicians, and visual effects artists.

Upon leaving PlayStation ...The economy was tanking, people were losing their jobs, and he did what any genius would do...Go to Hollywood and make an independent film!

His film, called DO-OVER, came close to getting made, but there are tons films that "almost" get made in Hollywood. Scott's film was just another one of those sad tales that was not meant to be ...

But from that experience he began searching for a way to make films without the permission of so many gate keepers  and build a sustainable living from this notion.

This is how Scott's podcast was born and what he shares with me in episode #15. Scott is a very passionate educator and a true wealth of knowledge and experience. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed learning form Scott!

To learn more about Scott, please visit


Intro/outro Music CRIMPSHRINE:

Mar 29, 2017

Spotlight PR Founder and Head Publicist, Tammy Lynn, benefits from more than 15 years public relations experience, providing her the opportunity to build long-standing relationships with a variety of media outlets.

Having worked in Los Angeles and New York City for some of the largest PR companies in the business, Tammy was responsible for overseeing PR strategy and cultivating media relationships.

She quickly gained the knowledge and tools to take her skills out on her own, and as a freelance publicist since 1998, Tammy has worked on a variety of projects spanning entertainment, lifestyle, technology, health/medical, public affairs/non-profit, consumer product, and publishing.



Mar 22, 2017

John Halbach is the Executive Producer (and plays Ian) on the Emmy-nominated LGBT series EastSiders. 

He is a also a Social Media Specialist whose clients have included Broadway shows such as “Fun Home,” “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time,” "Fully Committed," "This is Our Youth," and "Fish in the Dark," as well as Disney on Ice, Marvel Universe Live, Chef Chris Santos, Fusion TV, The History Channel, Discover the Dinosaurs UNLEASHED, The Empire Hotel, and Rituals Cosmetics.

He and his husband, Kit Williamson, also produce and star in a series of ongoing travel videos for OUT Magazine with partners such as the MGM Hotel Group and the Key West Tourism Board.

John is a natural teacher and in this episode shares tips on crowdfunding, social media and PR. He is a true gem!


Mar 15, 2017

In this episode, talented singer/songwriter Goapele shares how she independently produced her first record.

She also talks about her writing process, working with other writers, expanding her artistry and stepping into the world of acting.

Goapele's Music


Mar 8, 2017

Episode # 11 is a solo re-cap episode where our host Angela Matemotja gathers the top three takeaways from the first ten episodes.

Our award winning filmmaker and actor guests all seemed to have a common theme and shared a similar work ethic, attitude and point of view about their work.

In this episode we discuss the importance of budget on your filmmaking journey, what it takes to have a robust acting and filmmaking career, and how mindset is the #1 trait that all of our guests seem to have mastered in one way or another.


  • Budget
  • Mindset
  • Work Ethic


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