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Indie filmmakers, actors and screenwriters that are passionate about creating socially conscious content, learn, get inspired and get motivated to create projects with a purpose! Through interviews and solo lessons from industry experts you will learn how to create, produce, market and distribute your socially conscious projects. The Indie Film Tribe podcast will also shine a light on creators of color, women and other under represented artist's. Building an online tribe of artists that support and inspire one another by sharing our stories, educating ourselves and helping each other get our socially conscious projects out into the world.
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Sep 20, 2017

 One of the things that I really enjoy about doing this podcast is that I get to experiment and try new things. This week I  interviewed a former client. She came to me about a year ago because she wanted to produce her own project.

She had never produced before, but was dertermined to take her acting career into her own hands by producing and starring in her own short film!

This is part #1, of what will hopefully be a three part journey. In part one we focus on the beginning of her journey: from the idea to self produce, to her actual on set production days!

I’ll let her introduce herself:

Hi! My name is Kristi Roosmaa. I am an Estonian-born singer/actress living out my dreams in New York City.

I got my start at age 5, performing in Estonia at a bread making factory. I was immediately hooked, and I have been singing and performing ever since.

I have been fortunate enough to enjoy an amazing career so far that has included such highlights as performing as a soloist at Carnegie Hall and singing the iconic roles of Maria in The Sound of Music and Hope in Anything Goes.

I’ve performed in numerous off-Broadway shows, collaborated with world-renowned Rolling Stones saxophonist Tim Ries, and performed in countless concert venues and projects with amazingly talented orchestras and musicians.

I’ve even helped originate songs by well-known composers Phillip Springer (who wrote the beloved Christmas tune “Santa Baby”) and Mark Barkan (known for writing the Lesley Gore’s hit “She’s a Fool”).

In addition to traditional performance opportunities, I have also ended up collaborating with people in New York in ways that I never even imagined. I mean, who knew there’s a profession called a shoe model?! Yet as of today I have shoe modeled for numerous brands such as Stuart Weitzman, Badgley Mischka, and Nine West.

I pretended to marry a guy in a photo shoot for the New York Cruise Line (a great practice run before my own wedding a few years later), served as a magician’s assistant (but don’t even TRY to get me to divulge any secrets!), and recorded the sample voice to Bettina Shepherd’s Everything Singing Book.

While these accomplishments are truly something to be proud of, I am most proud of living my life to the fullest as an artist in NYC. Living here, there is never a dull moment.

I am constantly living life with excitement, pushing myself, going after my goals, experiencing new things, and studying and enjoying life from all aspects.

For example, I actually began my career as a lawyer; I’m a poor swimmer but I still love to water ski on one ski; I’ve played a blonde caucasian Maria in the Estonian production of West Side Story; I don’t have a driver’s license but I can drive a boat; and I once picked up my husband from a bar and crashed his dad’s golf cart the first time I met him.

This is just a glimpse into the many exciting experiences from my life, which come from a very honest and curious place. I simply love where I am today and feel that it is my mission as a storyteller to share my experiences and (hopefully) to inspire others. I’m a true believer of living full out and going after your dreams. I invite you to take a journey with me and to remember that the biggest part to making a dream come true and living the life you want is YOU! You can make anything happen. Always dare to dream.        


To learn more about Kristi, please visit


Sep 13, 2017

Mathilde has been a Sundance Channel Shorts Contest finalist, a co-leader of the FilmShop collective and a member of the Independent Film School's writer-director lab. Her latest short film PETA PAN stars Independent Spirit Award nominee Nisreen Faour. She co-created ALMOST ANONYMOUS, a web series about a support group for celebrity lookalikes (Best Original Concept, NYC Web Fest 2016). 

Mathilde also produces animation videos; she has received two Pulitzer Center grants and has had her work featured in a number of publications, including French newspaper Le Monde. When the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists received thousands of leaked documents about Luxembourg's complicated deals with corporations, her tax haven explainer was translated into seven languages and featured on the websites of ICIJ's media partners around the world. 

Mathilde is a Teaching Artist for the New Victory Theatre and Roundabout Theatre Company as well as an Instructor of Film for the School of the New York Times. She lives in NYC with her husband and son.

Sep 6, 2017

Actors DISCOVER What to Write About in three steps:

     1. WHY: Why make a short film and how will you use it to advance your acting career.

  1. CHARACTER: What type of character do you need or want to play?

  2. TOPIC/THEME: Write on a topic or theme that’s important and

matters to you.


Download the companion pdf at