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Indie filmmakers, actors and screenwriters that are passionate about creating socially conscious content, learn, get inspired and get motivated to create projects with a purpose! Through interviews and solo lessons from industry experts you will learn how to create, produce, market and distribute your socially conscious projects. The Indie Film Tribe podcast will also shine a light on creators of color, women and other under represented artist's. Building an online tribe of artists that support and inspire one another by sharing our stories, educating ourselves and helping each other get our socially conscious projects out into the world.
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Jun 13, 2018

Allison Volk is an award-winning writer, film producer and actress. In 2017 she wrote, produced and acted in her second feature film, Deany Bean is Dead, a darkly comedic story about a woman who tries to win back her ex-boyfriend at his engagement party - without revealing that her boss' dead body is in the trunk of her car!

Allison has written and produced six short films and written several plays which have enjoyed production in Los Angeles and New York, one of which took the Denise Regan Wisenmeyer Award in 2010. In 2014 her first full-length play, Rite of Seymour, enjoyed production at the Son of Semele Ensemble in Los Angeles and her second full-length play, Sonnets, Songs & Sorry, Will's Been Dead 400 Years! premiered in 2016 as part of Shakespeare Orange County's summer season. 

She is currently in pre-production for a short fantasy/drama called What Katie Did that will shoot in Colorado in August 2018. Her dark action comedy feature script Tiger Woman recently won Best Screenplay at the Utah Film Awards 2018.

Allison also co-founded The City Shakespeare Company in Santa Monica where she served as co-artistic director for three years and made her feature film debut in 2013 in the role of 'Jane' in Disney's The Lone Ranger.

Mar 14, 2018

I've brought back talented actor Becki Dennis from episode #8 ! In that episode she talked about being a plus size actor in Hollywood and shared her amazing journey from Boston to Los Angeles. check it out if you haven't, it's awesome!

One of the reasons I love bringing back guests is because you get to witness their progress as they move forward in their careers after hearing the "behind the scenes"  interview on the podcast.

At the time of our last interview Becki had booked roles on THIS IS US, SPEECHLESS and a handful of other shows, and now about a year later, oh my gosh you guys, this woman is on fire!

I found this episode to be incredibly inspiring for oh so many reasons. Her work ethic is undeniable, her focus, positive mindset and kindness are traits that I find to be truly admirable.

Feb 28, 2018

Her short film Muted (on HBO) is about a black family struggling to draw in law enforcement and media attention to their missing daughter. Brandi Nicole Payne not only wrote it, she also stars in it alongside Chandra Wilson of Grey’s Anatomy, and Malcolm Jamaal Warner. An all star cast on her first self produced short film! And of course it’s an award winner. Watch it here now:

Brandi is currently finishing up her time with the HBO Access Diversity screenwriting program and she is also getting ready to make her directorial debut!

Click Here for more info:

What makes her even more inspiring is the fact that she is also an actor, a mother of three, a wife, and she even has a part time day job!

If you ever feel like you don’t have enough time or resources to bring your dreams into fruition, you may be inspired by this tremendous lady. No excuses!


Feb 7, 2018

In honor of Black History month, this week I thought it would be fitting to shine a light on an incredibly inspiring black filmmaker. This incredible woman is a powerhouse that is doing amazing things!

When we talk about history, we look to the past which is very important, but I am also interested in shining a spotlight on folks that I feel are making history or are on the brink of making history in big and in small ways.

The amazing lady that I had the pleasure of interviewing this week, is not only a talented filmmaker but the creator of the Make a Film Foundation, the Commercial Diversity Directors Program and so much more. I bring to you...Tamika Lamison!

In this episode we discuss everything from the state of black projects in Hollywood today, Creating your own content, Diversity and representation in film and the value of screenwriting and directing contests/programs.

Please feel free to share!

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Out of Order


Jan 10, 2018

Manifesting Your Mission in 2018

Welcome to Season 2 of the Indie Film Tribe podcast! I thought it would be super appropriate to bring back award winning actress, who is also the CEO and Founder of the New Hollywood to help get us set up for success in 2018!

She has been running a goal group for kick ass creators for over a decade and really knows her stuff. Listen now!

If you need help with setting your goals, check out Brianna's latest guide book MANIFESTING YOUR MISSION : CLICK HERE

Want to learn more about her non-profit The New Hollywood, CLICK HERE and TAKE THE PLEDGE!